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AnyTube allows you to make predictions on YOUTUBE (one the most used Social Media platforms across the globe).


Imagine this you ask the spectator to take out their phone and scroll through the YouTube videos and whatever video they stop at; you are able to predict it in advance. Once you have learnt the mechanics of AnyTube, all that limits you to performing miracles is your imagination.

This is a super direct piece of mentalism that will allow you to predict anything on YouTube i.e. YouTube views, YouTube video, YouTube channel.

  • Perform on borrowed spectators’ phones.
  • Always ready to perform.
  • No duplicate app / custom magic app.
  • Perform predictions of anything on YouTube.
  • Works on both iPhone and Android phones.
  • Extremely easy to do.

All you need is a spectator with a smartphone (or you can use your own phone) to perform this miracle.

AnyTube requires no duplicate or custom magic app. It is not limited to any operating system meaning that it is both Apple and Android friendly.

Bonus Effect

Make predictions about posts/videos/tweets etc. which your audience is going to choose on Facebook and Twitter Apps.


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