FPS Zeta Wallet Black, Gimmicks and Online Instructions by Magic Firm


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Brent Braun’s FPS Zeta Wallet is the next evolution in the FPS Wallet series. Throughout two years of extensive R&D along with real world testing, Brent is proud to present his version of the Z-fold wallet.

With the FPS Zeta, you won’t just perform secret switches of a single card or billet. You’ll perform FULL WALLET switches that can be done secretly or in plain sight. Every item in the FPS Zeta – cash, ID, credit cards, playing cards, and more can be fully switched in an instant.

All of the sleek design and utility you’ve come to expect from an FPS Wallet are built into the FPS Zeta. Even though the Zeta holds all of the contents of TWO full FPS wallets, it’s only 33% thicker than the original FPS.

The FPS Zeta is made from the highest quality leather and will last a lifetime. The FPS series are made to “wear in” not wear out. The carbon fiber styled texture looks equally at home whether you’re hanging with friends or trying to impress a million-dollar client. Included with purchase of the FPS Zeta is Brent’s signature next-level thinking. It’s not just the wallet, but the routines that Brent provides that elevate this from being kept in your drawers to being kept in your pants. You’ll also get the FULL instructions for the original FPS Card to Wallet.

In the included digital video instructions, you’ll learn:

  • Card to Wallet
  • Repeat Card to Wallet
  • Brent’s diabolical DOUBLE Card to Wallet
  • An insane update to the original License to Thrill routine
  • Switches & multiple outs

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