Greatest Beginner Magic DVD Ever, We Think So! by Oz Pearlman


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Magic is one of the best hobbies on the planet. Being a magician means you always have something to share with the people you meet. You always have something fascinating. You always have something fun. You always have something to give.

Getting into magic can be difficult or even intimidating. There are thousands of tricks in a great magic shop. But, if you start in the wrong place, you can spend a lot of money on tricks you’re not ready to perform.

This DVD is designed to be the perfect place to start. We surveyed over 3,000 professional caliber tricks and selected just the tricks we think are best for you as a serious beginner. These are tricks professional magicians respect and love, but they’re easy enough a new magician can truly master them.

Ultimate Pick a Card – The spectator’s card JUMPS out of the center of the deck!

Ghost Match – A match mysteriously vanishes and ends up inside the matchbook… attached! One of the best bar/restaurant tricks on the planet.

French Drop – Vanish a coin and produce it from your spectator’s ear! There’s a reason people talk about this trick years later… it’s that good!

One Coin Routine – A magical combination you can do anytime! This one will give you the confidence to really feel like a magician anywhere you are!

The Great Shoelace Escape – One of the most visual and entertaining escapes there is!

Force and Reveal – Have complete control of your spectator’s choices!

Best Friend Prediction – Divine a spectator’s best friend’s name or predict who they’re going to marry!

Magician’s Choice – This may be the single biggest reason magician are the happiest people on earth! They always get their way!

Linking Paper Clips – A great little trick you can teach your friends if they want to learn a trick… without giving away any of the powerful secrets you’ve been fooling them with the whole time!

Jumping Rubber Band – An eye-popping trick where a rubber band jumps through your fingers!

Coin to Napkin – A coin vanishes and ends up in an impossible place!

Salt Shaker Thru Table – The ultimate dinner table trick!

No prior knowledge of magic is required for this DVD. All you need is a desire to learn, and a commitment to use the secrets contained herein–passed down from magician to magician over generations–to give wonder to the world.

We’re excited to be a part of your introduction to magic. Lets get started.

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