OKITO'S CHOICE by Quique Marduk and Juan Pablo Ibanez


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Based upon Robert Harbin’s “Dippy magnet”, Okito’s Choice is an excellent close up effect and a nice and original collector’s item too.


Card is freely chosen – shuffled into pack – a little bust of Okito with a key chain attached to it is removed from a transparent container. Six cards are dealt from the top of the pack on to the close up mat. You dangle the bust over the cards holding it from the chain, the chooser holds your wrist and concentrates. When the bust touches the chosen card, IT LIFTS IT UP.

The card and Okito’s bust can be handed for immediate examination and the spectator has no clue how the magic happened, because in his hands Okito does not pick up the card anymore.

Easy to do

You receive an original and exclusive bust of Okito (2 inches tall) with the key chain, a transparent container and a special gimmick to be performed hundreds of times.

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Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 2.4 × 2.4 × 2.0 in


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