Skymember Presents The Origin Playing Cards, Rescue Edition


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They look like they belong to ancient times. No one knows its origin.Wrapped with texturized black paper with a gold foil seal, the crystal case preserves the traces of history. The Satan snake is striking, with a modern but timeless aesthetic.

Some say this is the most ambitious deck that has ever existed, and some say this is a must-have for all deck collectors.

Masterpiece by Austin Ho and materialized by Skymember Presents.

Rescue Edition is a variation of the Collector Edition exclusively for Murphy’s Magic Dealers. As the title suggests, this release is to rescue The Origin. Those who know will know.

What’s in the package?

  • 1 x Variation Collector Edition Deck (Rainbow Gold Gilded).
  • 1 x Premium Custom Made and Engraved Satan Crystal Case by TCC.
  • 1 x Custom illustrated sleeves.

Wrapped in gift-styling and autographed by the artist. Ready to giveaway to your beloved friends and family.

What made The Origin so unique?

  • A beautiful monumental (GENESIS) story that was blended perfectly in playing cards.
  • Voted by many collectors as one of the MOST AMBITIOUS projects ever existed.
  • PRODUCED ENTIRELY IN-HOUSE. From playing cards printing, to tuck cases, gilding, 3D Laser Cuts and add-ons.
  • WORLD’S FIRST playing cards tuck case with embedded 3D multi-layered laser cut frame. It takes 30 minutes to laser cut, and 25 minutes to hand assemble EACH case.
  • THE PERIOD LONGEST STAMPING LENGTH (64cm) for a tuck case in the playing card industry – to put it in perspective for card enthusiasts, it’s equivalent to 4 bicycle decks.
  • Top-of-the-line gilding technology on The Origin deck, which is usually reserved for luxury brands
  • No detail left unexplored. Every artistic illustration is precisely stamped on the tuck case; this kind of work is rarely found in existing decks. Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself how perfectly each leaf on the tree of knowledge is evenly stamped.
  • Each deck is printed in moderated metallic ink to replicate oil ink painting, truly breathing life into the artwork we are so eager to share with you all.

The Origin; a beginning of everything. It’s a story forever marked in humankind that we believe should be a piece of everyone’s life.

If you weren’t able to hop on it the first time, you can’t afford to miss Rescue Edition. Get yours now today.

Disclaimer: The Rescue Edition is not a limited number or limited time release. It is a variation of the Collector Edition for those who missed the Kickstarter Limited Edition.

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