No, of course I’m not talking about human friends! We magicians have no time for personal relations when there is a trick to play around with and learn. I’m speaking, of course, about the old tricks that are sitting on your shelves. You know: those tricks that you bought a long time ago but got bored with. The ones that used to be your friends, but then some new exciting friends came along and you abandoned the old ones to your shelf. Well, not only do they feel sad and unused, but you’re missing out on an opportunity.

I also have a shelf of old magic, and a few years ago I found that I was being asked to perform multiple times for a group of birthday kids who all knew each other. I performed at one of their birthdays, and then a few of the attendees asked me to their party as well. I didn’t want to repeat all the same material I did at the first show, so I decided to go back to the ‘old well’ of magic, even though many of those tricks seem so dated and simple to me. But, to my happy surprise, the kids had never seen these old classics (I’m talking about The Chinese Sticks with the tissel and tassel, and other old stuff like that).

Remember, it is very different to be performing for magicians or for laypeople. If you perform for magicians, then yes you will want to do something fresh and new, but lay audiences are flabbergasted by The Chinese Sticks! Even if you are not! And it doesn’t matter if you find the trick lame and dated and blah; the mark of a good trick is if the audience is amazed.

So pull out your old Ball and Vase or Color Changing Hanky and show it around. Your audience might be amazed, and so will you!

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