I’m not speaking here of a magician who eats only organic fruits and vegetables, although that is certainly a laudable thing. I refer to organic in the scripted sense: where all actions and objects seem to occur naturally, and not in a contrived fashion.

In my ideal children’s birthday party show I arrive at the house with nothing but my jacket and a hat. Everything I need to perform a 40 minute show would be within my pockets and hat, because if I were a real magician, would I really need all those big colourful tacky props? Does Gandalf or Merlin or even that young upstart Harry carry magic boxes and pans around? Of course not! They just say a few choice magic incantations, maybe wave a wand, and voila: the magic happens.

So here’s a list off the top of my hat of what could be kept in pockets and in a secret compartment in the hat if I wanted to appear more like one of those fictional/mythical mages:

Thumb tip, silks, sponge rabbits, mouth coils, ropes, cards, coins, small spring rabbit, d’lites, flash paper, appearing wand, thread reel.

Of course the hard part is to come up with a compelling routine from start to finish. I’ll get back to you in a decade or so when I’ve got that ready.

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